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Accommodations for a disability are based on assessment of your current individual needs as supported by appropriate documentation. Because your needs may change while enrolled at Buffalo State, you may be requested to provide a current evaluation of eligibility as a student with a disability and the need for accommodations.

Student Accessibility Services seeks to provide students with disabilities the accommodations and services they need to help them be successful in college.  As a department it is our goal to make the process of connecting with our office as easy as possible and we do not believe in putting any unnecessary barriers in place that would make it difficult for a student to obtain accommdations.  This is why we look at various sources of information to not only establish that a student is eligible for disability related accommodations, but to help determine what accommodations would be most benneficial to that student.

Sources of Documentation Include But Are Not Limited To:

Your Self-Report 

You are the first source of information about why an accommodation may be needed. Your narrative about your experience of disability, any barriers you encounter to learning and/or participation on campus, and past experience with effective and ineffective accommodations, is an important tool that helps Student Accessibility Services office staff determine if the accommodation is reasonable.

Observation and Interaction

Student Accessibility Services staff is experienced in working with students with disabilities. Using this experience, the staff may be able to determine if your request is reasonable by making observations during interactions with you. These observations can help validate information in your self-report, further establishing your need for accommodation.

Documentation from Third Parties

Student Accessibility Services may request documentation of your disability or a history of accommodation to help support your current request. Sources may include educational or medical records, reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, teachers, or the educational system. This includes information that shows a history of accommodation in education, such as an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan. 


**To help facilitate the accommodation process, please send any documentation that supports your request to Student Accessibility Services , before your initial meeting if possible.  It would be helpful to have a statement from an appropriately licensed and certified professional who is qualified to diagnose your disability. Please ask your professional to write their assessment on letterhead to ensure verification and request that the letter details the functional limitations of your disability as it pertains to collegiate and academic pursuits.   


Where Do I Send Documentation?

To ensure that services are in place and support is provided at the time the student begins his/her college experience, students are encouraged to inform the Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible after admission. Do not send documentation of disability in with admission's materials. All documentation should be submitted to the Student Accessibility Services after notification of admission to Buffalo State and an intake appointment must be scheduled.  No accommodations are put in place until the intake process is complete.

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